What is SAM?

SAM is a non-profit organization promoting cultural exchange between United States and Finland.

Consider SAM as platform for volunteers, who share common interest in American and Finnish cultures.

We have around 30 chapters in Finland, e.g. SAM Helsinki, SAM Turku, SAM Oulu, and SAM Kuopio. Each chapter looks exactly as its members and their interest are. Some focus more on organizing cultural events, such as Halloween and 4th of July, some operate English speaking Kindergarten, offer lectures, some have Book Clubs, and others meet regularly over coffee and “pulla”. Whatever the activities are they are created and operated by our volunteers. SAM is always open for new ideas, new “clubs” or interest groups.

The umbrella organization (SAM Suomi) also organizes events that member organizations can benefit from. There are webinars, lectures, exchange programs, training, education and much more.

How can you join?

  • Find here if there is a local chapter in your location.
  • The Finnish American Club 1932 is our english speaking chaper
  • Contact the chair of your local chapter.
  • Sign up as a volunteer here.
  • Call any of us, and let´s talk!
  • Check out our event calendar and join any of the events!


SAM brings together friends of the United States and acts as a bridge between Finland and the United States. SAM’s activities enrich the lives of those involved. SAM creates meaningful encounters and builds value-added networks between people in Finland and the United States.


SAM is a vibrant organization that its members value and want to be involved in.

SAM in 2026 – Main goals

1) To create a versatile organizational structure that allows different interest groups to participate in SAM activities

  • Where membership is not only based in location, but could also be based in area of interest and need to connect with likeminded people.
  • SAM offers current special programs that allows people from different age and interest groups to join
  • SAM is creating partnerships and co-operations that enrich its program offerings and services

2) To make SAM:s services known by offering high level content via digital media and partnerships

  • SAM is publishing relevant and interesting content on its digital platforms that are vastly read and purchased. It will publish articles on current topics, analytics, and expertise from variety of experts from Finland and the United States on SAMs website and social media sites.

3) SAM offers summer jobs for Finnish students in the United States

  • Gaining international experience enriches the youngsters life and builds a society that has a deeper understanding and respect for different cultures
  • Deepening the relationship and cooperating with the SAM Foundation

4) Continuing to offer virtual training and meeting space for its member organizations

  • Annual SAMmit for active members
  • High quality training materials online
  • Webinars on current topics

SAM is based on the following values:

We cherish friendship across borders

Our friendship is reciprocal, respectful and trusworthy partnership. SAM is the number one player in the U.S. – Finland friendships scene. Friendship means enabling encounters, being open-minded, fostering community and building lasting partnerships.

We build valuable networks

Creating networking opportunities and building networks is at the heart of everything SAM does. It is enabling people to meet and building valuable networksand to promotee friendship between peoples.

Accessible expertise

SAM serves as a platform for experts in Finland-U.S. relations and it also has room for experiential expertise and fan culture. Whether your interest is in science, art, business, tourism, social responsibility, food culture or any social issue of interest, SAM brings together US experts in Finland. SAM’s network of experts is accessible to all and is widely known.