SAT tests

SAT is a standardized test of critical reading, maths and writing skills that assesses a student’s ability to succeed in university studies. The total duration of the different sections of the digital SAT (reading, writing and language and math) is approximately 120 minutes.

The SAT test will go digital in March 2023, what does this mean for test takers? Subject tests and the SAT with Essay section will end internationally in June 2021.

International SAT test dates, 2023-24 (last day for registration, if available):
– Spring 2024: 1.6. (16.5.)
– Fall 2024: 24.8. (9.8.), 5.10. (20.9.), 2.11. (18.10.), 7.12. (22.11.)

Please note that the tests may be full before the last day of registration. If you absolutely have to take the test on a specific date, for example in May, you should register as early as possible.

Sign up at Collegeboard website
To sign up for SAT and SAT Subject test, you need to register at Payment by credit card only (no Visa Electron). Cash is not accepted as a payment.

The test site
The SAT tests are held in Aalto University Otaniemi campus /Kandidaattikeskus (Otakaari 1 F, Espoo).
– You need to be at the location on the test day at 7.45.
– Please note when you register, that the International School of Helsinki and the English School also organize SAT tests. Their test location is not Aalto University.
–Although there are no longer any covid restrictions in Finland, to ensure health safety, we still allow SAT test takers in small groups inside the Kandidaattikeskus and in test classes. So please be prepared by dressing warmly in case you have to wait outside for a while for your turn.

Test fees
– 103 USD (SAT registration fee $60 + regional fee $43)

Test day
Be at the test location at 7.45 am. Late arrivals (arriving after 8 am) will not be admitted to the test room.

You will need to bring an admission ticket printed from the Collegeboard website, a valid photo ID (such as a passport or ID card), writing utensils and a calculator (if your test includes math sections), and a laptop with Bluebook software pre-installed. Since you are not allowed to bring your phone or smartwatch into the testing room, we ask that you leave your device at home, following the Collegeboard’s instructions.

Please be prepared to take your own time for instructions at the beginning of the test. Although you should be at the test site by 7:45 a.m., test time does not start at this time, but closer to 9:00 a.m.

More information
*On the structure of the digital SAT
*What to expect on the test day? 
*Free SAT practice materials

For more information about SAT tests in Finland please contact Please note that test place, Aalto University, does not answer SAT test related questions.