REGISTER TO SAM HUB HERE. Membership in SAM is required to access the platform. Non-members can receive a trial membership of one month to try out the platform.

Our members may live all over Finland, but we all share an interest in the United States. That’s why we have opened our digital platform, SAM Hub, to our members, giving you a unique opportunity to connect seamlessly with others interested in the same topics wherever you are.

The SAM Hub digital platform stands out from other social media channels and platforms because of its focus. SAM HUB offers a unique opportunity to interact with experts from the United States. At the same time, the platform provides an exclusive environment where members can discuss and exchange ideas without their messages getting lost in ads or algorithms.

SAM Hub is a safe space for all its users. We are committed to fostering friendships across borders and ensuring that all platform users have access to valuable networks. We offer a digital platform to provide US knowledge in an accessible package. All our members are welcome to join the conversation, regardless of their background.


SAM Hub Features

Events:  The Events section conveniently brings together all SAM’s online webinars. You can also participate in events in real-time through this section. In addition, the SAM Hub allows you to organize your US-themed events.

Jobs and Careers: The SAM Hub career service provides information on volunteer opportunities, summer jobs, and professional careers.

Groups: The platform’s group function ensures that whether you want to discuss travel, politics, society and history, universities in the US, or even US culture, you’ll find the right forum for you.

News: As a SAM Hub user, you’ll be the first to know about our events and recent news about SAM. You can also share information about your local association and events in your area.


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